Initial Commit

I built a new personal website, again.

I know. This is perhaps the fifth website to live at this domain?

This won't be the last, either.


The (rather wonderful) Pelican, with a theme I wrote myself. You can find the code here, if you're interested, but it's nothing particularly special.

I'm using PureCSS to make the process of styling the thing less awful - I'm not a front-end dev, I just play one on the internet.

It's work in progress, and I will iterate on it as time goes on.


In a nutshell: I'm building a new website because I lost the motivation to maintain my old one.

I was previously using Jekyll which was... fine, but the process of theming a Jekyll site is a bit obtuse, as is everything else about Jekyll. Again, I'm not a front-end dev, so I just grabbed a theme that seemed to fit my requirements, and left it there. That was fine, but it also didn't feel massively like it was "mine".

The biggest reason I've spun up this new thing, however, is that my previous site was just... hard to maintian from mobile. This was mostly due to a raft of terrible engineering decisions I made whilst deciding how to deploy it. I'm not sure this site may end up better, but I bought an iOS app called Working Copy recently, which has made the whole "git on the move" thing much more palatable. When I'm happy with how this is working, I'll post a writeup and link it here.

As an aside: I flirted with a blogging platform called writefreely for a while, too. It's pretty cool, you should check it out if you're looking for something a lot more low-effort than maintaining a static site. I like it a lot. I'm considering porting my blogposts over from it, if I can make them fit in here well.

So, yeah. New blog. Let's see how this goes.


The soundtrack to this blogpost is this album I found on Soundcloud. It's weird and ambient yet also dancey, in a deliciously home-made lo-fi way. I found myself tapping my foot to it a lot.