A note on Tiktok and Pride

This is not part of [tj]'s June blogging drive. I am just angry.

It seems Tiktok (which, along with it's predecessor "Musical.ly", was the first social media phenomenon to really make me feel out of touch) has been applying their "user-generated ads" model to Pride.

Not less than a year ago, Tiktok allowed an entire generation of schoolchildren to self-radicalise; perpetuating viral content based around racist, transphobic and homophobic slogans.

Tiktok's moderation guidelines direct their moderation team to suppress content from creators considered "too poor" or "too ugly" for the platform, as well as disabled and queer users.

This cannot just be blamed on "the algorithm". It is an intentional decision, rooted in fascism.

There is no Pride in Tiktok.

The soundtrack to this blogpost is Grace Petrie's 'Pride'.