It is 2AM on Thursday, 14th April 2020. I cannot sleep.

Fourty-five days ago, my livelihood vanished almost overnight. Let's talk about that.

I work in the live events industry. The specifics of that work is a topic for another blog post; suffice to say that on a normal day, I'd be getting paid to make somebody's event brighter, louder, more organised, on TV/radio, or some combination of these.

Around the beginning of March 2020, I recieved a series of incredibly apologetic emails and phonecalls from clients informing me that, 'due to the current climate', they've been forced to cancel the events I was booked to work with them.

I had been expecting a few cancellations - most of my work consists of corporate events, and it seemed very sensible that companies would want to move their AGMs and senior leadership gatherings to online video-conferences and webinars.

The emails didn't stop, however. Next came the cancellation of summer events in May and June. Then EMFCamp was cancelled. And then the Fringe... As it stands right now, my calendar is clear until September 10th 2020, bar one tentative booking at the end of May.

My accountant has informed me I am unlikely a penny from the government to support my business. I'm a little scared of what comes next.

There is some cool stuff happening here and there, though. A bunch of my friends got together to manufacture PPE for the NHS in Scotland. I'm taking care of their website - it's been a welcome distraction. There's a crowdfunding campaign that you should probably contribute to.

I'm also in conversations with a whole bunch of suppliers, clients and colleagues about changing the direction of my business to better suit what we expect the events industry to look like in a few months' time. Keep an eye out for more posts on that topic - I'm very excited to talk about this once we get closer to making decisions.

Thanks for sticking with me through this weird, rambly blog post I wrote to get some shit off my chest. I'm going to bed now.

The soundtrack to this blog post is Public Service Broadcasting's 2013 album 'Inform - Educate - Entertain'. Music from a simpler time; remember the Chelyabinsk meteor? the Snowden Disclosures?